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Gilles Draps is a man of stories. Training his eye and shaping his skills by blogging, this Renaissance man shaped himself into the foodie genius and talented photographer he is today. Thinking up new food concepts and sharing his inspirations on one day, the next is devoted to shooting campaigns for Belgium's hottest lifestyle companies. For Journuit, he photographed our first collection's look book and our tastemaker campaign. Here, he shares his thoughts on escapism and beauty.

Who are you and what do you do?

I tell most of my stories with food, via photography and styling to literally flipping burgers. My goal? Making my audience hungry for more, even if it doesn’t always involve indulging in calories.

What does ‘beauty’ mean to you?

Beauty is the essence that makes you tingle. A perfectly dressed table, a drizzle of maple syrup on a pancake, watching the sunrise after a terrible night of sleep... Beauty isn’t just something you see, it’s that little something-something you experience when seeing it.

At what times do you feel like your life is perfectly balanced?

I had the luxury of creating a job out of my hobbies, and that was a real gamechanger. Before that I tried to make my home my escape from reality: everything carefully selected and placed the way I wanted, so that after my day job I could just come home and relax. Now my home has become my workspace, but in a way it’s still my escape from reality.

In which ways do you think ‘design’ can reach the ultimate balance?

When a product can tell a story on it’s own, but can also be a part of one without needing to be the main character.

What does ‘home’ mean to you?

My home is where I can relax and forget about the world. It’s the only place you build with your loved ones without using bricks or mortar.

What do you look for in new additions to your interior?

I have a weakness for elegant sturdiness, textured materials with a wink to the outdoors, whites and earthly hues. And besides that I just buy what I love.

Gilles is sitting in our Utilitarian three seater, which you can admire up close at Roomin Antwerp (Kleine Markt 13). Discover more of Gilles' work via

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